Friday, January 19, 2018

Finish It Friday

I just realized that I have several finishes from Christmas that I did not share!  
I tried to make something handmade for my family. 
 I got most of them.  
I couldn't show them before they were gifted so I forgot about them!  
I will share now.

First up, I did some pattern testing for Unicornhearts of this snake block.  
I made this little wall hanging to mimic my daughter's snake named Clove that is brown and gold.  The border is my own idea and I love how it came out!  

I hand quilted using pearl cotton, around the snake and I have to say I love it.  
I put those little hanging triangles in the upper corners so they could hang it on a wall too.  

I think she liked it.  
Although I'm not so sure about my SIL.  
I don't think he likes snakes much.

VERY last minute I decided I wanted to make pillow covers (which I put over pillow inserts). 
I wanted to make one of my daughter's cat and her boyfriend's dog.  
Max is a Border Collie. 
 I like to look for coloring book pages and translate those into applique.  
Isn't this dog so cute?  
I added some fabric that says Made with love, and a couple of cat fabrics to Max's pillow. 
 I quilted the front in a cross hatch design.

Next up was Mitch, the cat. 
 I used the same Made with love fabric on one of the squares and used several fabrics that I had used in her sister's wedding quilt.  
I quilted this with wavy lines. 
 I used Essex Yarn Dyed Linen, steel I think, for the backgrounds.

This was when I gifted these at Christmas time.

Same daughter asked me if I would make golf club covers. 
 I guess I can do that.  
Then the fun of trying to find a pattern began.
  I finally found something both her boyfriend liked and I thought I could manage, but it was written by a guy and his directions were awful!  
Then said boyfriend wanted very specific colored fabric, tweed to be exact. 
 I took many photos at JAF and we finally agreed on one.  
Here they are, and he was very pleased with them!



I used fleece as the lining.  

She had asked us for a splatter guard and he thought it was hilarious to use it with his golf club cover like a hot mitt.  

Next up was a fish quilt for my husband.  
I still need some better photos of this quilt, but I was so very pleased with how it came out.
I used a golden retriever flannel for the backing.
I had it quilted with fishing flies.

That just left my son. 
 He was feeling a little left out as there was no gift for him.  
Technically he was not the only one as I did not make anything for my SIL,
 but the snake wallhanging was for both of them. 
 Little did my son know that he would be receiving his quilt the day after Christmas, for his birthday.  He has been asking and asking for a Detroit Sports Quilt so that's what I made. 
 He LOVES it!
I put gray Minky on the back.

While I realize that I have shown some of these at Christmas 
I did not specifically list them as finishes. 
 I would like to link up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish It Friday and share all these finishes.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

WIPs With Friends

I am sorry I am so late today! 
 I had to take my son to the primary care doctor for his follow up.  
They took him off the injectable medication (yay) and now just on Coumadin. 
 I am happy to be finished with the Lovenox for sure.  
It is now up to his body to clear the clots and resolve the pain.  
I fear this will be a long term issue, but we need to be patient.

On to our quilty progress. 
 Last night as I was doing laundry for my son I started to panic 
that I had NOTHING to share with you all.  
I ran upstairs and managed to sew my basket top together.  
Thanks to you all, I now have a completed top!!! 
 I work well under pressure, LOL.

Here it is. I use my long hallway in my upstairs so the lighting is not the best.

A few close ups of the baskets

Of course Finny wanted to help.  He is getting so BIG!

Cole was more interested in watching the squirrels!

OK, so thanks again for pushing me to work on my WIP.  
Now I need to figure out a back and cut the batting. 
 What are you working on? 
 Please link up.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Where Did My Weekend Go?

I don't know if any of you work full time but I do.
I work as a research scientist at the University of Michigan.
This means that I cherish my weekends even more as my week days are spent at my job.
I try really hard to clean and do errands on Saturday so I can sew on Sunday.
This past weekend I wanted to get the Christmas things put away.
Then my son got really ill.

He has multiple blood clots in 4 of the veins in his right leg.
He also has multiple PEs in both lungs.
We ended up at the ER on Friday with an overnight stay in the observation unit.
That turned into his being admitted on Saturday because of the pain.
They put in a IVC filter to stop new blood clots from reaching his lungs.
This was my view from his room.

I slept in this couch thing on Saturday night in his room.  
He asked me to stay with him.  I think he was scared and did not want to be there alone.  

He was finally able to go off the Morphine and graduate to Norco so we could go home on Sunday.
This was certainly good news.  
Unfortunately, I am still having to give him his Lovenox shots 2x/day.

We brought him to our house on Sunday night to stay with us a few days.  
We will probably take him back to his house tonight.  

I did manage to get to the grocery store and to make some food for myself for the week for lunches.
I made this 2 ingredient flat bread and it was so good! 
 I used the 2 ingredient bagel recipe but made 10 balls that I rolled out.  
I sprayed the pan with some EVO and made them on the stove top. 
 These are only 1 SP per bread and they are amazing!

I also made this Chicken Taco Soup that is 0 SP!!!

Of course there were a few SP for the cheese.  
This was delicious!  
The recipe is by Slap Dash Mom.

I need 2 more days off work to catch up.  
Anyone have some to spare?  
I have looked longingly at my baskets that need to be put together, 
but that's about all I have had time to do.  
Maybe tonight.  

How was your weekend?


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Baby Ryan's Quilt

I was *finally* able to gift this adorable little fox quilt that I made last year.  
I loved making this for my friend, Ellen's daughter and SIL's new baby.
Pattern is called Little Fox and you can get one too right here.

The applique fox was my favorite part!  I hand stitched his whiskers on.

I hand embroidered a label for the back.  
I am liking putting then into the binding.  It kind of kills two birds with one stone, right?

I found this adorable Minky backing and had to buy it for this quilt.  
It is incredibly soft.  
My friend had never felt Minky before.  
Who doesn't know what Minky is???  
Are you kidding me??  
I have a feeling now that she knows, her quilts will have this on the back too. 
 It is nice since it is usually 56" wide too.  
Sometimes it comes even wider.  
Amazing stuff!

 This is baby Ryan with his mom and dad and the quilt.  They really seemed to like the quilt.

It is so special to be able to gift something you made with so much love and have it be so appreciated.
I just love this sweet little family and I know my friend 
(grandma, Ellen)
 is over the moon about this little guy.
Thanks again for dinner.
We had a great time visiting and meeting baby Ryan.

Congratulations mom and dad, you did very well!  
Enjoy that baby quilt.

XOXO Auntie Pam


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

WIPs With Friends

It is time for WIPs with friends.  
As you may know I have been trying to work on some of my older WIPs and clear them out.  Currently I am working on an old Buggy Barn pattern called Crazy Baskets.  
It is probably 10 years old or more!  
I had the original 12 baskets made (like the pattern called for).  
I looked at the size of the quilt and realized that who really needs a 60 x 64" quilt??  
Not me, that's who.  
Once I put them on the design wall I decided that I liked them without sashing.  
Oh boy, that meant I needed to make more blocks.  
LOTS more blocks!

I know these photos are not very good, but it was dark when I finished the first three to add to my original 12.  

If you have never seen a Buggy Barn pattern this is how they look when you start.  
You choose three fabrics and stack up the FQ. 
 I traced the pattern on Freezer paper and then you iron it to the three FQ.  
Then you cut them apart on the lines.  
The pattern tells you how to move the fabrics so that one 
becomes the star, one the background and one the basket.  
So you make 3 blocks at one time.  
If the pattern has more pieces 
(for instance the cat has 5 if I remember that correctly) then you shuffle 5.

I am grooming Cole to become the new quilt inspector.  He is taking to it quite nicely!

A few more blocks.

This is a better photo.  I decided to make 36 total blocks.  
That means the quilt will turn out to be queen sized.  
I was not making this for any one in particular but now I have a recipient in mind.  

Last three baskets!!

I have all 36 baskets completed now. 
 I have sewn 4 rows of blocks and sewn 4 rows together into 2 sets of 2 (hopefully that makes sense).  I need to sew the final blocks into 2 rows then sew them to each other.  
Once that is done there will be three more seams to finish the top!  
I am hoping to be able to get that done this week yet.
Linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts.

My plans have been interrupted by my son who had a health crisis yesterday.
He was diagnosed with quite a big blood clot.
He has to have Lovenox shots 2x a day and is on Warafrin.
Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Now, please link up your WIPs to inspire all of us!


Friday, January 05, 2018

New Year New Plans

I told you I was going to get around to making some plans/goals for this year.  
I finally have some time to do just that.

The Quilter's Planner on IG asked for three goals for 2018.  I chose to respond with quilty ones.

So let's elaborate on these shall we?

1-Finish Some WIPs:

Yes, yes, we all *say* this is something we will do but does it actually happen?  I have to say that it usually does NOT happen for me.  I find that "have to" sewing usually gets in the way of my best laid plans.  This year though as I said previously I have way less of those (so far anyway).  I made a list of my WIPs (some not all) and will do my best to make a dent in them.  Oh, so, you want to know what those are you say?  Here is the list I have made to date.

*Purple and yellow baby quilt - top is finished and it is on it's way to the quilter
*Green Scrap quilt -  top is finished and it is on it's way to the quilter
*2010 Christmas BOM -  top is finished and it is on it's way to the quilter

Next up:

*Crazy Baskets - working on the top
*Prismata - I have the pattern ready and the fabrics selected
*Retro Bunnies - All the blocks are made.  I need to determine how I want to sash this and find the backing I bought to use for it
*Jelly Roll Sampler - Blocks are made, I need to determine sashing and put together
*Kei Kei Scrap quilt - I think I still need to make a few more blocks, but when I get to this one I will re-assess
*Partridge in a Pear Tree - pattern and fabrics are together
*Tisket-A-Tasket - Some blocks are done but everything is all together to finish them.
*Peter Rabbit Cross Stitch Blocks - I think, no, I KNOW, this is my oldest WIP.  I began these cross stitch blocks when my oldest niece was born (she is now 33! Don't judge me!!)  The cross stitch has been LONG done but I have not designed a quilt to put them into.
*Floral Fiber Works Jack the Cat - I have him partially completed.  My DD2 wants one too, but I can't officially call hers a WIP as it is not begun.  I think when I finish mine I will give myself permission to begin hers.
*Chicken of the Sea - I need to make the words for this quilt and put them with the blocks.

WHEW!!  I *wish* that was ALL my WIPs but sadly it is not.  It may be close if I am only counting ones I have actually made a start with.  Stay tuned!

2-Destash and Declutter:

This is something I need to do in my quilt room (I am drowning in fabirc, and I know I will never be able to use it all.  I am thinking that I need time to pull fabric out cubby by cubby and re-home those fabrics that I know I will not be using.  I need to do this with my books too.  I hate to admit it but I still have some bins in the basement that I need to go through and either move to the quilt room or re-home.

I also need to do this in my home (so my kids don't have to deal with what I had to when my dad passed away).  Part of this will be addressing the bins in the basement.  I need to go room by room and purge.  Hubby has already begun doing this in the kitchen.  He is planning a MASSIVE garage sale in the spring.  I would say clothes need to come next for me too.  I have lost quite a bit of weight and need to get rid of clothes that no longer fit me.

3-Spend Time Using my EQ Program:

This was a goal I had last year and I even went to the EQ University.  I learned so much!  Then came home and promptly did nothing!  I hope to change that in the new year.

Additional life goals for 2018:

- I have some older cross stitch projects I would like to finish.  I dug one out recently and have been trying to stitch at night so I can be in the same room as my hubby. 

-Continue my weight loss goals and striving to be more healthy.  Healthy eating is always evolving at my home and we are doing pretty well.  I need to help my hubby with his eating so he can lower his A1c and not become pre-diabetic.  He is definitely a WIP, LOL.

-Plan some trips with my hubby in the new fifth wheel.  I am looking forward to doing some short trips this year and getting to spend more time with my hubby and cats exploring the US.  I received a fold up table to use with my sewing machine for the camper and am most anxious to try it out!

-I want to try yoga too.  I think the quiet time and the exercise will do me some good.

OK, so there you have it.  My goals for 2018.  Have you made any goals for yourself?