Wednesday, July 19, 2017

WIPs With Friends

How is it that Wednesday comes so much faster than Friday each week? 
 After the quilty retreat, I have not done much in the way of sewing. 
 I had managed to get some border pieces sewn for Clove's pillow.  
I got stuck on the corners but looked it up on the internets (yes all of them) and found out what I needed to do to make the corners work. 
 I still need to make some more strips and cut the rest of the blocks out, but I laid out what I did have finished and it should go together pretty easily. 
 I may need to trim the center to make it fit, but there is plenty of room to do that.

I realize the corner may not be right. 
 I was in a hurry so will have to play with the layout but you get the idea.  
I think it will look pretty sweet once it is all sewn together.

I have a sweet video to share of the kittens playing too.


What have you been working on?  Please link up. 

Still trying to get 15 or more link ups for a giveaway.
Please share with your friends!

 I am linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts too.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Quilt Retreat

I went with some friends on a quilt retreat last weekend.  
My friend Cori (Crazy Quilt Girl Fabric Shop), my SIL Mary and two friends that I had not met IRL, Elaine and Pam (her aunt). 
 I had scheduled time at Creative Passions in Chesaning, MI.  
It was so much fun!  
We took a 5 person space (if you look at their website you can see which one we had, CP2B).  
It was located in an old church.  
We had one part and there is another part that holds 24 people but there was no one else there but us.  We brought LOTS of food and ate dinner in one night.

This was the creative space we all shared.  You can see Elaine hard at work!

Mary was working on an amazing Christmas quilt!

I decided to work on a Detroit sports quilt for my son.  
I did all the cutting on Friday for my quilt since I bought the sashing at the shop.
I had a different pattern in mind but when we got to the retreat, the owner had a version of this quilt hanging on the wall.  
The more I looked at hers the more I knew it would make a great sports quilt.
So I went online and found the pattern and thankfully they had a pdf that I could download.

On Friday we went to the Seven Sister's shop.  It is a great shop located in Carson City, MI.

We also went out to Miner's Fabric Shop, which is in a quaint Amish yard.  So cute!

I managed to get a photo of Pam as the Amish buggy was returning home!

We went out for dinner one night at a place by the river.  

Cori and I having a fun time!

We stopped at a super cute shop on Saturday that was not as far away as the first one.  
We had visited this shop previously but it had moved from Chesaning to St Charles.  
It is the Silver Thimble.  
I didn't take any pics of the shop but I did get a few photos of some cute things they had including this chair cover and that camper embroidery.

After sewing all morning and then most of the night. 
I had this much of the quilt together and just needed to put the borders on.  

I put the borders on Sunday morning. 
 I was so happy to have the top finished.  I ordered some 90" wide, gray minky for the backing.

In case you need to make one too, the pattern is called 
by Abbey Lane

You can find it here.

Next up was to determine what else to work on. 
 I was going to bind the sports quilt in the black but decided that I wanted to see if I could cut out sashing for a second version of this quilt (non sports).  
I did not have the yardage the pattern required but thought I would try anyway.  
I managed to eek out the entire center part out of the yardage I had but not the borders. 
 Then it hit me.  
If I bound the sports quilt in something else I would have enough of the black for the borders of the second quilt!

Here is the sashing and borders all cut out for a second quilt!

I decided to make sports binding using all the team fabrics.  
In addition, I made bindings for 2 more quilts that are currently at the quilters so those are ready when the quilts come back.

Sprorts quilt
Priest's quilt
Fish quilt

I think it was a super productive weekend and I can't wait to do this again!


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Finn and Cole

I thought it might be time for some kitten updates.

Cole is now 4 months old and growing like a weed.  I believe he is going to be the sewing room cat.

Although he may have to push Miss Hallie out of the way!

He is super inquisitive and it is difficult to keep his little paws off the sewing machine! 

It is amazingly difficult to photograph an all black cat too btw.

 Once he finally settled in though he has the makings of a proper quilt inspector!

Finn on the other hand has discovered his person in my husband.  
All previous cats have bonded pretty much to me but Finn LOVES Chris!  
He can't sit down without "his cat" snuggling up just like this.
Finn is now 3 months old and still very food driven!

Oh the baby!

Apparently this is the other position Finn likes to be in when Chris is in his chair.

Every time Chris goes anywhere Finn follows him and cries until he picks him up!  So cute!

So there is your latest update on the kittens.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

WIPs With Friends

It's Wednesday again, time for WIPs with friends.  If we can get 15 links I will have a giveaway!

I decided that I wanted to try making some of the one hour baskets.  
The original pattern can be found on Craftsy, but I had downloaded it when it was free on a website.  I decided that I wanted to use up some scraps and piece mine.  
Since the dimensions worked for using 2.5" squares and I just happen to have a bazillion of those laying around, squares it was.

I pieced the panels for the outside of the baskets.  
I did not even think about quilting them with the first one I made, but I did quilt the last 3.  
I made one with someone very specific in mind but I can't share who as she reads my blog. 
 I have the three prepped and ready to sew together.  
I did a test basket with the red and white 
(the one I never thought about quilting). 

 I used the red and white fabric I just bought for the lining.  

As I said I have three more ready to sew.  This one was left overs from a wedding quilt.

Mostly left over from several wedding quilts

Left overs from a graduation quilt.  

Hopefully I will be able to get these sewn and ready to gift in the near future. 
 Which one is your favorite?

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  Link up what you are working on. 
 Tell your friends and let's get 15 or more link ups going so a giveaway can happen!!


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Happy Birthday

Every time I say that I always think of Frosty the snowman saying that!

Yes, today is my birthday!!
MANY trips around the sun.

I promised that I would share the spoils of my trip with you and so I shall, right now.

I will post these in the order I purchased them.
That way you get a feel for what each shop had to offer that I liked.

2nd Street Quilts
Already have plans for that xo fabric.

A Little Quilt Shop
This graded fabric will make awesome binding.  I have already cut into that red and white fabric.
I will show you that tomorrow.

Rockin Bobbins
How could I resist that sea glass fabric?  Also, how adorable is that humming bird needle threader?
I saw a humming bird this past weekend at my apple tree!  
I think I need to investigate putting out a feeder.

Most of this is going into the RV quilt.  I fell in love with that Christmas fabric to.  Great colors

Sew Crazy
Found this stack of B & C fabric.  Also those two colorful ones might go into the RV quilt.  
The Charlie Brown and the cleaners are gifts.

Stitchin in the Barn

The top 2 prints were on sale.  The bottom 4 will potentially go into the RV quilt.  
I thought that green would be good for the trees and the word print is abbreviations for all the states!

The Pin Cushion

Again, mostly for the RV quilt but the sciency words are for me and some extra for a couple of my quilty friends!

Backstreet Quilt Shop

I found some adorable cat embroidery projects. 
There was also a pretty nice Love MI home block too.  
I'm thinking I can make a pillow or something for DD2. 
 Then there was that adorable light up lady bug needle threader.  Might need a few more of those!

So there you have it.  
All the great stuff I got while on my birthday adventure a few days ago with my amazing hubby!

I am heading to a retreat this weekend with Crazy Quilt Girl and my SIL.
I plan on working on my son's Detroit sports quilt and my hubby's fishing quilt.
Not really things I usually enjoy working on but I sure do love those two!

Don't forget WIPs With Friends tomorrow too!
Let's see if we can get 15 links and maybe there will be a little giveaway!!


Monday, July 10, 2017

The Traveling Quilter

A few years ago for my birthday my husband planned and executed a travel for me.  
We went out for breakfast at a place he found.  
Then we went to many quilt shops he mapped out for me to visit.  
He packed a picnic lunch and found a local park and we had lunch at a park in a field of wild flowers.

I mentioned recently that this was one of my all time favorite birthdays. So guess what?  
He planned another trip and we went last week on Friday 
(my birthday is actually tomorrow, though).  

Feel like taking a trip with us?  
I will show all the shops we visited with links.  
This trip we traveled from Canton up to the tippy tip of the thumb.  
Our day culminated in dinner in Port Austin.
Grab a cuppa and let's travel!

 First stop is 2nd Street Quilts in Rochester MI.  
This is an existing shop that changed owners.  
I met the new owners and they were very nice. 
 They are still stocking but I like what I see there already!
  Definitely worth a visit!

Next up is a little shop called A Little Quilt Shop in Waterford, MI.  

Loved the building this was housed in.  
The shop is small but they had some interesting things.  
The business began as a hobby but you can see that she is making it into a nice shop.

 Next up was a place called Rockin Bobbins in Hartland Township.  
Loved the name.  
This one is a little bit tricky to find!
 They had a nice selection of wide backs and a gigantic long arm frame.  
Lots of solids and my husband got a husband present!

I loved this shop!  Mabelena in Ortonville, MI.  This shop had a great selection of fabrics!

I probably spent the most at this shop but in my defense I was buying things to make a quilt for the new RV and they had the line I had already begun using.  
This makes it so nice for me to be able to fill in what I needed!

Stopped at Sew Crazy Quilt Shop in Lapeer.  

Too bad I had not discovered her shop when I was working on the Hallowedding quilt!  
She had a lot of very cool Halloween fabrics.  
Nice, brightly lit, clean shop.

 The next shop was in Imlay City and called Stitchin' at the Barn
Bernina dealer.  
Lots of current fabrics at a reasonable price 
(all was $9.99 and sale was $5.99).  

This next stop was at a shop called The Pincushion and it was located in Imlay City too.

To be honest they had me at BIG ORANGE CAT in the window!  LOL.

This shop had an eclectic mix of modern and traditional. Lots of panels but some great finds here too.

We tried to stop at Sisters In Quilting in Marlette but they were closed. = (
We were told that this is a great shop too, so we were sad to miss it.

We motored on to Backstreet Quilt Shop in Bad Axe as our final stop.  
This was a very nice shop and had a lot of wool!  
That was a fun surprise! 
 We were there close to closing but the lady working there was so nice to us.

We continued on to Port Austin for our dinner.  
We at at a place called the Bank (it used to be a bank).  
We had some good food and wine and the atmosphere was so nice.  

We stopped for ice cream on the way home (well, hubby had some).  
We followed along the coast of Lake Huron on the way home. 
 It was a great day and a fantastic way to spend the celebration of my birthday! 
 Since this is so long I will post the purchases tomorrow.